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AYSO Region 183 - Chicago - Peterson Park

Region 183 Programs

There is only one AYSO Region 183 season.  The season is made of up 2 halves.    The first half is the Fall Season and the second is in the Spring Season.    Therefore a full season follows the traditional school year which starts in early September and ends in late October for the Fall Season.   We have a winter break and then we start the second half in middle April and finish the season early / middle of June.      Players are assigned to the same team in the Fall and Spring.

Learn about Our Programs
We have different programs that are divided by our age divisions.    These programs are per direction of AYSO National Programs and with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).   

05U Division
The 05U Division is our youngest age-division.    Youth players are 4 years of age and learn to enjoy the game of soccer.   Each team is lead by a coaching team of parents new to AYSO.    The coaching team will be lead by a lead parent as coach and parents take turn being assistant coaches.      AYSO provides a Master Coach who leads parents to understand AYSO's coaching program for the U05 Division.  We have more details about the U05 Division.   Games are played max of 4 v 4.

06U Division
The 06U Division is our 2nd youngest age-division.   Youth players are 5 years of age and many youth players are first year soccer players.    Here you as the coach are to provide the youth a "taste" of the game once a week on Saturdays for 1 hour.   That's all !   Games are played max 4 on 4.

08U Division
The 7 and 8 year olds begin to learn more dribbling and passing skills in the 08U Division.  These skills are implemented with fun games at practices once a week.   Coaches will learn more about the soccer game by coaching max 4 on 4 games with no goal keeper.   All of our players in this division, like the 05U and 06U Division will enjoy the game.

10U Division
Our 9 and 10 year olds in the 10U Division will learn more about the larger game by playing max 7 on 7 including goal keeper.   Each player in the 10U Division will get a chance to be goal keeper a number of times thru the season.    Players here begin to learn about positional play and will be introduced to the concept of the law of offside. 

12U Division

The 12U Division is where our youth players begin to transition into the concepts of technical reinforcement of their soccer skills.    Here, coaches will be trained to understand the different skills for attacking, defending and playing goal keeper.   Games are played max 9 on 9 which is almost a full game of 11 player a side.    Coaches are to be trained in a 5 hour course.  

In addition the U12 Division, we start to introduce the concept of playing soccer away from Peterson Park on occasion.   Some of our teams play games with other AYSO Regions in the area such as Morton Grove AYSO.  

14U Division
The U14 Division is our first division entry of max 11 on 11 which is a full side game.   Coaches here are expected to have a handful years of experience coaching in AYSO and that they are trained at the Intermediate and Advanced Levels.   Here our youth players are turning into teenagers and enjoyment of the game is very key to player development in AYSO.    Intermediate and Advanced level coach course are 2-3 days for each certification.

16U and 19U Divisions
These division are our high school age divisions.    Players here will enjoy the game at a high level.   Coaches here must be Intermediate and Advanced certified.   In addition, the coach must also understand how to interact with teenagers, and also be able to hone player strengths and continue to develop our players in to better soccer players.

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