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4U Playground Program

Thank you for enrolling your child in the 4U AYSO program. We will do everything we can to make our soccer program a positive experience for players and parents alike. We would like to give you a little information about our approach to preschool soccer.

First things first:

•  Learning soccer techniques and tactics is completely unimportant at this age level; however, that doesn’t mean we don’t teach kids to play soccer!
•  We focus on the following skills:  kicking the ball in a given direction, running and moving the ball with your feet, stopping the ball without using your hands, shooting at the goal and blocking shots.

However, we consider it just as important that they learn the following skills in our program:

•  Interacting comfortably with a group of one’s peers.
•  Working together as a team toward a common goal.
•  Dealing with both victory and defeat.
•  Respecting opponents.
•  Accepting and obeying the rules of the game.

 In addition, your child can:  

•  Develop his/her own style of handling the ball.
•  Learn how to move in a variety of situations.
•  Improve his coordination (mobility, agility, reaction speed).
•  Have FUN playing the game of soccer and being part of a team.

4U soccer is composed of two parts:  practice prior to the game, and the game itself. We want every child to be physically active and to have fun playing the game. Each child should be playing a minimum of 50% of the game, so team sizes are limited to 4-5 players. 

Preschool children are not good at sticking to assigned positions, so we don’t work on position play until they are older.  We encourage all children on the team to attempt to score, and to make attempts at preventing the other team from scoring.

All games and practice time occur on Saturday; there are no mid-week sessions at this age.  During the Saturday morning sessions, all children must have a parent present for the whole duration.  Please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time.  The first 30 minutes of the session is practice, where the coach will work with the team to develop key skills.   The second 30 minutes of the session will be a game for the children to use what they have learned in drills and apply it right away.  It is critical to the success of the program that all parents remain positive and encouraging during the session. Inappropriate action could result in the parent and child having to leave the field and not participate in future sessions.

U05 Program FAQ

What is the U05 Jamboree Program?
The Jamboree is 1-hour program every Saturday for 4 year olds by the date of 7/31.  Your child will be assigned to a team of 5-6 players.  At the top of the hour both teams at the field start together with soccer drill practices and fun games for 30 minutes.  A soccer game is played for the last 30 minutes of the game.  All parents at the field are expected to participate as coaches, referees and fans with positive coaching, cheering and good sportsmanship.

Does AYSO provide help with Jamboree?
The Jamboree is guided with an AYSO Master Coach for all U05 Team Assistant Coaches and Team Parents.   The Master Coach will provide guidance and basic training games for the children and parents to play at the Saturday Sessions.

I don’t know the game of soccer.
Don’t’ worry.  The game of soccer is simple, a ball and two teams.  Yes.  There are laws of the games are simple to follow but what’s important is that you provide a safe and fun environment. 

What kind of fun games is played?
The AYSO Master Coach introduces skill and training games to be played where players have fun.   Players have fun playing games like

Each game introduces new skills, builds teamwork with friendships and sportsmanship.

When and where is the Jamboree held?

AYSO plays on Saturdays at Hollywood Park. 

When does the Season start?

The first game of the season is usually the first Saturday after Labor Day.  The first game of the Spring Season is usually the 1st of 2nd Saturday of April.

What is short-sided soccer?
Short Sided Soccer is meant to be a smaller game for players in AYSO.   The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and AYSO recommends that smaller games for our youth enables improved play of the game.    An 11 player vs. 11 player game of U05 Soccer will result in less fun and no enjoyment of the game.    There are 22 pairs of feet (44) when going after the ball !
Why Should I Volunteer with AYSO?
It's a chance to spend quality time with your child and it's fun. It's a great break from work. It makes you feel good. It's a great way to give back to the community.   The rewards come in the form of helping kids have fun at a Saturday games, and contributing to their individual skills and teamwork. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of a season, look back and see how far the team has come.

What volunteers are needed? 
Each team will need to have all parents participate and rotate weekly as an assistant coach, referee or team parent.    

How long do we play during year?
The Fall Season and Spring Season are both about 8 weeks long.   The Fall Season players play in September and October.  The spring season players play in mid April, thru May and thru June.

How much time commitment is there?
Your time commitment for Jamboree will need to be about 1 hour per week at Saturday game sessions.

The time spent is with your children at the Jamboree hour session on Saturdays anyways !

What is a Team Parent?

A Team Parent is a supportive role for the team.    The Team Parent helps coordinate and manages other aspects that are not game or practice related.   Such as phone calls, email, snack schedule, flyer hands outs, etc.   

Can you teach me how to coach?
AYSO provides free certification training for all coaches.  There are free courses to take in the summer or winter (off season) where our nationally trained AYSO Instructors teach you the ins and outs coaching youth soccer in AYSO. 

Do you provide referees?

The games are meant to be an introduction and a "taste" of the game to players, coaches, and parents.     Coaches become referees as guides for the U05 games. 

What is the U05 Game?
The U05 Game is played max 4 v 4 in a small field.   There are 4 quarters of play, each quarter is 5 minutes.   In between there is a water break for 1 minute.   Players resting during the game will get to play in at least half the game.   Everyone plays

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